With so many different types of cat play toys available, how do you know what’s going to make your favourite feline tick? Read on for our top tips.

When it comes to cat toys, one cat’s trash is another cat’s treasure! Our furry friends all have unique personalities, which means they have unique preferences in play style too. Plus, as most cat owners will know, our felines can be a tad particular at times!

If you’re not sure how to choose the best cat toys for your pet, carry on reading for our breakdown of some of the different types of cat toys, including cat climbing toys, interactive cat toys and even homemade cat toys.

Why do cats need toys?

There are so many [benefits of play for your cat] and toys can really take the fun levels up a notch! Not only can you involve cat play toys in the [games you play with your cat] but you can also leave toys around for your furry pal to entertain themselves with. Toys play an important role in stimulating your cat, so having a selection for them to interact with can help banish boredom and keep them on their toes - sometimes literally!

What do cats like to play with?

Cats enjoy playing with all sorts of things, from toy mice and balls to cat play trees. It all depends on their temperament and how they get their kicks! Some cats are loopy balls of energy who love to pounce, leap and chase. Others are reserved characters who prefer a more chilled approach to play. You’ll usually find them climbing up into their favourite cubby hole or inquisitively pawing around at something of interest.

The best toys for kittens

The best toys for kittens are those that will give them the exercise and mental stimulation they need as they grow up. The main thing to make sure of is that the toys you pick for them can’t be easily shredded and don’t have parts that can be broken off and swallowed, as kittens can be destructive in their young age! Things like wool should also be avoided, as there’s a risk it could get wrapped around their necks.

Types of cat toys:

Below are a few different types of cat play toys you might want to try to see what takes your cat’s fancy. Just make sure you don’t give them anything with small parts they could swallow.

Toy mice

Cats love to chase and pounce, so toy mice are perfect for this. You can get mouse toys attached to strings or wands that can be pulled, wiggled or dangled for your cat to race around after. Just be sure to tidy away toys with strings or chords after you’ve played with them for safety reasons.

Interactive cat toys

We can’t always be hopping around a room with a toy mouse on a string, so that’s where interactive cat toys come in handy. Electronic toys that make sounds and movements or shine lights can provide hours of fun and encourage your cat to get some exercise by darting around after them. These can include motorised mouse toys, automated laser toys and other toys that move by themselves.

Scratching toys

You’ll often catch your cat scratching things to mark their territory and keep their claws strong and healthy. Sadly this means your furniture or carpets can fall victim to vandalism! To stop this from happening, make sure you have a sturdy scratching post for your cat to get their claws into when the urge strikes. If there’s a particular bit of furniture your cat likes to scratch, place their scratching post next to it to encourage them away from it with a more satisfying scratch.

Hiding places

Cats love to have their own little enclosed hiding spaces to sneak off to and safely observe the world from. A cat play box or even just an ordinary cardboard box makes a great hiding and play space. Popping some treats in there, such as [DREAMIES™], when they’re not looking can also tap into their predatory instincts, leaving them to scavenge for them.

Puzzle toys

Food puzzles can occupy your cat while you’re out or simply too busy to play. They’ll keep your cat’s mind active and will be an instant winner if your cat’s particularly motivated by food. Pop a few treats inside for them to fish out and they’ll be in the zone! Check out our article on picking the [right treats for your cat] to find something they’ll love.

Cat climbing toys

Cats love to climb - it’s in their nature. By creating an indoor cat play area out of cat trees and perches, you’ll give them somewhere fun to clamber about, without sending things flying off your shelves. They also love to use cat play trees to nap on, so it’s win-win!

Catnip toys

Catnip can bring the fun-loving side out of lots of cats, so if your furry pal is one of them, toys infused with catnip can be an exciting addition to playtime. Our article on [the effects of catnip] can shed some more light on what to expect if you haven’t introduced your cat to catnip before.

How to make homemade cat toys

Cat toys don’t need to break the bank. Sometimes homemade cat toys bring just as much joy, if not more! You can even make them with items around your home. Here are a few fun ideas:

Toilet roll puzzles

Sometimes it really is as simple as giving your cat an empty toilet roll tube to keep them entertained! Turns out, they can be uncomplicated creatures when they want to be. Turn the toilet roll tubes into puzzle toys by popping treats in the middle and folding up the ends for your cat to figure out.

Cardboard cat house

Cats love to hide, so make them their very own cat house by sealing up a cardboard box and cutting holes for them to climb through. If you’re feeling fancy, you can even stack up boxes on top of each other to add extra floors to their palace!

Sock toys

Everyone has an odd sock lying about somewhere, so instead of chucking it out, use it to create a fun new toy for your furry friend. Simply stuff the sock with newspaper or wrapping paper and then tie a knot at the top. Your cat will love tossing it about and hearing the crunch! Now you know a little more about the various types of toys to pick from, it’s time to find out what brings your cat the most fun. As we mentioned before, every cat is different, so test them out with a few different toys to see what makes their day!

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