Engaging in games for cats is crucial for their overall health, keeping them mentally sharp and physically fit. Have you seen a kitty cautiously pawing at a new toy with a ninja-like focus? That's your cat's mental gym session. This article discusses some of the games to play with cats and their benefits. 

Top 10 fun games for cats to play

Here are our top 10 games for cats to play: 


The chase game awakens their inner leopards. Picture this: armed with a wand, you embark on a living room adventure with your furry friend. Play chase by unpredictably swirling, swooping, and sliding the teaser toy. See your cat's eyes widen, ready to pounce.

But remember – let them win. Your kitty craves the triumph of a catch. Vary your tactics for a well-earned victory. It's not just one of those  games for cats to play; there's joy in this ancient dance of predator and prey. 


Hide some treats and watch your cat become a furry detective. This playful activity keeps your feline entertained and taps into their hunting instincts.

Hide and seek is a brain workout for your kitty—every treat found is a win for their mind. This game encourages natural foraging behaviours and is perfect for indoor cats.

Tip: Opt for top-notch feline-approved treats. Hide them in various spots (safety first) & change locations often to keep your cat curious. The chase is more fun with new hiding spots. So, if you’re looking for games to play with a cat, give this a try!


Cats can play 'Fetch' like dogs, but they have their rules - they might prefer playing goalie.

So, choose a ball that fits their paws and interests. A ping pong ball can make playtime fun for both of you. Rolling it might spark a playful chase, and a toss could lead to an acrobatic leap!

For kitties, toys with bells are captivating, especially for older or visually impaired cats. These enchanted bells awaken the predator within, offering a fun challenge. 

If your super clever kitty loves fetching, why not reward their skills with treats? Discover the secrets behind 'treating' right in our article ‘Cat treats and playtime?’.

Catnip play

Catnip turns playtime into a euphoric adventure for your feline friend. Pssst... want to know more about this mysterious herb? Read our blog on What is catnip? for the full scoop.

Catnip is like a mood-boosting pixie dust for them. To sprinkle some excitement into their day, why not tempt them with DREAMIES™ catnip treats?

Catnips awaken your cat's youthful spirit and bring joy to your feline companion with affection. To better understand, check out our article on Cat treats and playtime.

Chase the mouse

This game is one of the games to play with cats that ignites their natural drive. 

Imagine this: When a mouse-like toy moves playfully, it triggers their big-cat instincts. In their mind, it's like a jungle as they pounce, play, and hone their hunting skills while expending energy. This natural workout enhances their speed, agility, and enjoyment for both of you.

Nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a cat's claws during play! Toys on strings or sticks can keep the wild chase away from your fingers, but remember, when playing with these toys, the cat must be supervised to avoid the risk of strangulation.

Elevate playtime with our guide on best cat toys. Explore fun activities to keep your cat engaged and entertained!

Cat playing with toy mouse

Teach them a trick

Teaching your feline a new trick is a fun way to bond. First, arm yourself with irresistible cat treats - your secret weapon to success. Start with simple commands like 'sit' or 'paw.' Grab their attention with the treat, let them sniff it, and then repeat the command when the desired action is taken, and present the treat as a reward immediately.

Consistency is key in training your cat. For 'sit', offer a treat and for 'paw', gently tap their paw. Incorporating clicker training can be effective as cats respond well to it. Remember, prompt rewards and precise timing are crucial for teaching your feline friend new tricks.

Keep training sessions brief and full of praise. Every small win is a big deal. Your kitty could soon tackle more advanced tricks, like high-fives or toy fetching. 

Ping pong ball soccer

Transform your living room into a mini Premier League arena for your pet with ping-pong ball soccer! Create a mini goal post (even a cardboard box) and let your furry friend enjoy the game with a ping pong ball.

Ping-pong balls are safe and fun, so your cat can play without causing chaos. This is one of the games to play with a cat that is fun and keeps them fit and coordinated.

Wand toys

Cats love wand toys! Whether chasing fervently or practising their pounce, these toys bring out the inner tiger in every house cat. With bells, and crinkly material, playtime for your feline friend is engaging and fun! 

Get creative with a wand toy to keep your cat active - they'll be leaping and dashing like mini acrobats, turning your space into their personal jungle! Read our article on choosing cat toys to become the ultimate feline entertainment manager! 

Box fortress

Box Fortress is one of the best games for cats because they adore cardboard, delighting in conquering box fortresses. These makeshift castles serve as perfect playgrounds, igniting their natural instincts to explore, hunt, and seek comfort in cosy spaces.

For your cat's dream fortress, varied boxes are crucial! Mix sizes and shapes - shallow for lounging, deep for hiding…cats think they're liquid and can fit anywhere!

Creating playful possibilities boosts cats' well-being, keeping minds sharp and bodies active. Consider cutting lookout holes into the sides of boxes, hiding treats inside, or adding a cosy blanket to make a cardboard box a purrfect nap spot for your feline friend! 

Bubble pouncing

Bubbles are a fun way to enhance your cat's playtime. Picture shimmering orbs, your cat pouncing, swatting, and leaping in a bubble pop concert! 

This isn't just fun; it's a great way for your pet to get aerobic exercise. Pets need to stay active, and bubble pouncing is perfect for keeping them moving! It also sharpens their hunter instincts and engages their minds.

Must-have apps for cats

Cat-approved apps: My Talking Pet takes pictures of your cat and turns them into animated talking videos. Plus, you can add fun accessories like hats, mustaches, and glasses for extra style.

Digital fish games: Picture your fluffy feline, eyes wide, little paws tapping the screen, eagerly chasing vibrant digital fish swimming across your tablet or smartphone. These games are ideal for engaging, energising and giving your cats a good workout. With a myriad of fun cat games available in app stores, from 'Catfishing' to 'Fish for Cats', you have a plethora of options to make your laid-back Sunday a flurry of feline fun.

Tabby cat playing on tablet

Why play games with your cat?

Playing with your cat isn't just for laughs - it's vital for their overall health. Cats need exercise for physical fitness, mental well-being, and bonding. Cats love attention - on their terms!

View playtime as a mini adventure for your cat, stimulating their brain and satisfying their hunting instinct. Replicate the hunt with toys to give your cat the thrill of stalking and pouncing without the downsides. A happy cat is a stimulated cat, and play can prevent naughty behaviours.

Want to explore more about play? Check out our article 'Engaging Cat Games' for some great insights. Remember, playtime is bonding time and one of the best ways to show your kitty love. So, if you’re looking for games to play with a cat, simply crumple a piece of paper up into a ball and roll it across the floor, irresistible fun for any cat!

Closing thoughts: Games for cats for a healthy cat

In conclusion, adding playful activities to your cat's routine is vital for their overall well-being. Playing various fun cat games sharpens their reflexes and stimulates their mind.

Jumping helps keep weight in check, while playtime boosts mental agility. Shared adventures with your cat strengthen the unique bond between you. 

Get creative during playtime, introduce variety, and see your clever pet find new favourite games. For a new challenge after mastering toys, add our treats to keep the fun going.