Cats can do cool tricks when they try. Teaching tricks offers mental stimulation and strengthens the bond between you and your cat. In this guide, we'll unravel how to teach a cat tricks, offering practical tips for cat owners eager to enter the enchanting world of feline antics. 

Cat tricks and their significance

Have you ever looked at your feline friend and thought, 'What's going on in that little head of yours?' Understanding cat tricks might just give you a sneak peek into their mysterious minds. Cats can learn cool tricks like high-fiving, sitting, and fetching.

Teaching tricks strengthens the bond, brings joy, and keeps cats alert. Indoor cats benefit from a kitty gym, boosting cognition, fitness, and the human-cat connection. For more cat tricks and game ideas, read our article on Games for Cats. So, let’s proceed to see how to teach a cat tricks.

12 tricks to teach your cat 

Cats are independent and can learn tricks despite common belief. Here's a list of 12 tricks to teach your cat, no matter their skill level. This ranges from how to teach a cat to fetch to teaching it to speak. Read our article on tips for choosing fun cat toys.


Step-By-Step Guide on how to teach a cat to fetch:

  1. Start by finding a lightweight toy that your cat is already interested in.
  2. Toss the toy a short distance and say 'fetch' as they chase after it.
  3. Encourage your cat to return the toy with treats or praise.
  4. Gradually increase the distance of your tosses as they get the hang of it.
  5. Keep sessions short and end on a positive note.

Spice up fetch by introducing new toys or changing tossing patterns to intrigue and surprise your cat.

High Fives

Step-By-Step Guide on how to teach a cat High Fives:

  1. Hold a treat in your hand and watch your cat stand on their hind legs to reach for it.
  2. As they rise, gently tap against one of their front paws.
  3. When they touch your hand, say 'high five' and give them the treat.
  4. Repeat this, each time waiting for your cat to initiate the paw movement towards your hand.
  5. Practice consistently, but don't overdo the sessions.

Switch hands or alternate high-fives with 'down low' to keep it engaging and help your cat differentiate between tricks.


Step-By-Step Guide for how to teach a cat to Come:

  1. Start in a quiet room without distractions.
  2. Call your cat's name and reward them immediately with a treat and affection when they approach.
  3. Repeat this at various distances and add in the command 'come.'
  4. Practice in different locations in your home.
  5. Use a consistent tone and positive reinforcement.

Mix up practice by hiding and calling your cat, turning training into a fun game of hide-and-seek.


Step-By-Step Guide on how to teach a cat to Spin:

  1. Hold a treat just above your cat's head to gain their attention.
  2. Move your hand in the direction you want them to spin and command 'spin.'
  3. Once they complete the spin, give them their treat.
  4. Practise this in both directions to challenge your cat.
  5. Always reward immediately after the spin.

Adjusting spin speed and including it in trick sequences can enhance your cat's playtime enjoyment.

Jump Up

Step-By-Step Guide on how to teach a cat to Jump Up:

  1. Tap a raised surface or hold a treat above it and give the command 'jump up.'
  2. Help guide your cat onto the surface if needed initially.
  3. Once they've landed, praise them and provide a treat.
  4. Increase the height gradually as they become more confident.
  5. Keep training sessions short but frequent.

Add different heights and surfaces to engage your cat and pique their interest.

On Your Mat

Step-By-Step Guide on how to teach a cat On Your Mat & Stay:

  1. Place a mat in a desired spot and lead your cat to it with a treat.
  2. When they step onto the mat, give the command 'on your mat' and reward them.
  3. Teach 'stay' by extending the time on the mat before giving them a treat.
  4. Practise this regularly to reinforce the behaviour.
  5. Avoid forcing your cat to stay and make the mat association positive.

Move the mat around the house to help your cat find it easily, no matter where it is.

Jump Through the Hoop

Step-By-Step Guide on how to teach a cat to Jump Through the Hoop:

  1. Hold a hula hoop upright on the ground and place a treat on the other side.
  2. Encourage your cat to step through to get the treat and use the command 'hoop.'
  3. Once they're ready, lift the hoop a bit for them to jump through.
  4. Continue to raise the hoop higher as they get the hang of it.
  5. Consistently reward each successful jump.

Incorporate different-sized hoops and even move the hoop during the jump to add variation.

Roll Over

Step-By-Step Guide on how to teach a cat to Roll Over:

  1. Start with your cat in a lying down position.
  2. Hold a treat near their nose, then move it around their head to prompt a roll.
  3. Use the command 'roll over' as they perform the action.
  4. Praise and reward them as soon as they complete the roll.
  5. Practice makes perfect – keep at it!

Engage your cat by having it roll over on different surfaces or include it in a longer trick routine.

Leg Weaves

Step-By-Step Guide on How to Teach a Cat Leg Weaves:

  1. Stand with your legs apart and lure your cat with a treat to walk through them.
  2. Step to the side to guide them to weave between your legs.
  3. Pair the movement with the command 'weave' and reward them.
  4. Increase the number of weaves in each session gradually.
  5. Keep the movement fluid to ensure your cat enjoys the process.

Vary your leg weaves and mix in tricks like 'spin' to keep your cat engaged.


Step-By-Step Guide on How to Teach a Cat to Sit:

  1. Hold a treat just above your cat's head.
  2. Slowly move it back over their head until they sit to follow.
  3. When their bottom touches the ground, say 'sit' and give them the treat.
  4. Work on getting your cat to sit without the lure of a treat.
  5. Provide lots of praise and love when they succeed.

Once your cat masters sitting, reinforce the behaviour by practising in different spots or before meals.


Step-By-Step Guide on How to Teach a Cat to Speak:

  1. Wait for the natural meow – usually around feeding time.
  2. When they meow, say “speak” and reward them.
  3. Practise this with the command until they understand the association.

Occasionally, ask your cat questions that warrant a meow for their “response”.


Step-By-Step Guide on How to Teach a Cat to Touch:

  1. Hold an object near your cat and wait for the boop.
  2. Just before they touch it, say 'touch'.
  3. Once contact is made, reward with treats and praise.
  4. Practice with different objects and at varying heights.

Keep it interesting by changing the targeted objects and integrating touch into routines.

Troubleshooting common challenges

Cats, being strong-willed, might not consistently engage. So, try different activities or toys to spark their interest. A gentle nudge might be more effective. 

A bit of sugar helps medicine go down; positivity keeps things light. Praise, chin scratches, and treats motivate good cat behaviour. Treats encourage tricks. Read our post on ‘When and why should I give cat treats’.

Do cats like being taught tricks?

Many cats like tricks. Look for purrs and tail flicks as signs of approval when teaching new stunts. Pause training if your cat seems stressed, such as with pinned-back ears or a twitching tail.

Respect is crucial with our feline pals. Adapting to their comfort is key for positive training. Making a cat high-five instead of letting them perch on the fridge won't win you any points. So, your goal should be to teach cat tricks according to your feline’s unique quirks.

Setting realistic expectations is key. Not every cat is meant for the circus; some excel at 'sit' and simply look adorable.

When you teach cat tricks, patience and understanding are key. Avoid pushing too much to prevent a fluffy mess and scratches. 

Teaching cat tricks in summary

Teaching your pet new tricks strengthens your bond and keeps them engaged. Your furry friend can impress with a paw shake or jumping through hoops - patience and treats help!

In our guide, we've shared several tricks to teach your cat from how to teach a cat to fetch to teaching it to jump through a hoop. Keep sessions brief, positive, and fun. It's never too late to start! Discover DREAMIES™ Cat Treats, the perfect reward for your feline friend's accomplishments.